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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I enroll my child(ren) with The Circle?

1. Complete The Circle LB Application and arrange for your homeschool charter to submit a Purchase Order for services.

What is the curriculum?

With a passion for supporting a student's highest potential, using real-time data, Dr. Tubbs personalizes the curriculum for each student, setting goals, and creating a PLP. The curriculum's foundation is core academics (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies), aligned with California state standards.

Does The Circle include the arts in the curriculum?

The Circle recognizes that play and imagination are a natural path to learning. From infancy to adulthood, much of our learning happens when exploring arts and games and inspiring creativity. With a staff schooled in fine arts and child development, your child will learn, discover, play, and thrive. With academic presentations, dance, music and the arts, scholars minds GROW!


What if we want to return to public school? Will my child be ready and on par with other kids their age?

The Circle staff each have supported education for 5 to 35 years, always with raising children up to their best selves. We want children to learn and feel successful. To that end, we will support learning parallel to public school requirements. The child’s PLP goals and plans will support their progress!

Do the kids do PE at The Circle?

YES! Our outdoor activities include skill-building, cooperative games, tree climbing, nature walks, exploration, and more!

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