Our Philosophy


A center for independent learning, The Circle LB provides highly personalized experiences for each individual, determined by each scholar’s particular strengths, needs, and interests. Here we recognize that all learners deserve to discover their strengths and interests through an individualized curriculum and cultivated community relationships.

The Circle LB model is based on the best practices in personalized learning from across the country and around the globe. Scholars start each session with their mentor where they work to set goals for the day, week, or month to determine the processes they will use to accomplish their goals and assess their progress towards them.    

Goals may be academic, socio-emotional, physical, or a combination of each. Online curriculum and assessment tools are used as a starting point for setting academic goals, then is personalized to each scholar’s individual needs. Mentors and scholars reflect on the progress of their goals continually.


Imaginative and creative play is a natural way for scholars to learn about the world. Actively moving around as well as using their senses in play, scholars develop healthy, strong, and complete neurological connections in their brains! The Circle LB unleashes imagination and creativity with woodblocks, Legos, music, art, science, and maker’s spaces.


Supplemental instruction to support core academic skills consist of core areas, such as writing, presentations, and referencing, which underpin more complex skills, including critical thinking and reflective practices. The Circle LB supports core academic skills by utilizing a comprehensive Lexile Library, small group lessons, personalized software, and live virtual lessons. 


Performance and presentations such as drama, music, dance, and academic presentations are additional forms of creativity that grow a scholars’ mind. Fresh Ed has access to a theatrical stage, the public park, and live virtual platforms to express their talents and skills to a broad audience. 


A fusion… The Circle LB aligns its supplemental enrichment instructional practice by fusing personalized and blended learning theories. Personalized learning is learning – anytime, anywhere – that is focused on, paced for, and led with the Scholar and designed around each individual Scholars’ needs, strengths, interests, and goals. Personalized learning includes both a tailored Scholar profile and pathway and evidence of competency-based progression. With this approach, blended learning, the infusion of technology is introduced to better inform and direct the learning needs of each child.  Real-time access to data gives Mentors the ability to personalize learning like never before.

Positive Behavior Support


The Circle LB's Positive Behavior Support System is founded on the principles of Restorative Practices. Our responses to Learner behavior (both negative and positive) are focused on the 5 Restorative Practices:

  • Relationships: Developing caring connections and finding common ground

  • Respect: Listening to each other’s thoughts and valuing them

  • Responsibility: Being accountable for your actions

  • Restoration: Repairing harm that has been caused

  • Reintegration: Ensuring that all individuals are included and involved.  

These beliefs and practices are the underpinnings of our Community Meetings and our Culture!