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People are talking about The Circle LB!

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Three days into the semester, a 1st grader exclaims,
"I'm a reader!"

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"Several times after picking her up when we asked how her day went she told us 'I got a great education today'. She wakes up excited to get there and comes home HaPpY talking about cool things she's learning, about the kids she meeting, meditation, the walks through the neighborhood to eat lunch at the park, making simple machines, and of course temperature checks, social distancing, mask-wearing, and extra hand washing. 


We're beyond thankful to have this place helping us support [our daughter's] education."


"My daughter was always assigned the special day class and severely underestimated. I appreciate that Ms. Mickie recognizes her intelligence and my daughter is getting the intellectual stimulus and emotional support she needs." 

"I don't have to ask my kids to get ready in the morning. They love learning at The Circle!"

"I haven't seen my
son this happy
about school
since preschool!"


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"Thank you for providing this [The Circle LB]. I used to pick up my kids from school and they were quiet. Lots of issues with bullying. 

NOW, every day they are filled with stories and smiles and talking over one another about their day."


"We are so grateful for this place and these phenomenal women who look at ALL children as 'scholars' and who meet them where they're at and build them up into confident, excited, and thriving learners. 


"We're so happy our daughter is learning in a place surrounded by people who support her, encourage her, and who know that not all people learn or communicate the same and it doesn't mean they aren't capable of learning or communicating… After the first week, we asked her what she liked the best about The Circle LB. She said, 'the people!'"


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